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Connect & Learn

The Grip-Birkman Coaches Café meets every first WEDNESDAY by Zoom.

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1. Change Management Using the Grip-Birkman Introduction

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2. Making GB More than a Hobby –
10 Questions Answered to Build Your Confidence as a Grip-Birkman Coach

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John Blake, Grip-Birkman Leadership Team coordinator, takes a look at how to effectively get started using Grip-Birkman outside of your own organization or church. Whether you are looking at independent consulting or just trying to find ways to build your local community and beyond, getting started can be tough.

Some of the most common issues GB Coaches face launching their coaching practice include: “How do I find people who want to use the Grip-Birkman?” “How do I price my work?” “How do I determine how much time it will take?”

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For Training in a Virtual World

The first of three webinar cafes with tips for online TeamBuilding using Grip-Birkman. Neil Tibbott shows how to use two customizable PDFs to simulate floor exercises as the team shares their Gifts, Team Styles, Body Building Roles, gaps, and needs. Download the two PDF templates (Gifts Circle and Mosaic) below.

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Steve Buszowski facilitates a team looking at their Birkman Map and Interests using Miro, an online collaborative tool. Click here to view the session on YouTube:

Grip-Birkman Coaches have much to offer as teams learn to communicate and redefine themselves in this period of “social distancing.” Many people are experiencing stress, Zoom fatigue, screen fatigue, isolation fatigue, lack of structure, uncertainty, confusion, lack of clarity, and more. As a GB coach, you have an opportunity to offer insights, formally or informally, to how members of the Body of Christ can mobilize and use their gifts and strengths to creatively meet real needs in the present reality.

Use this PDF with FoxIt PDF to simulate a “floor exercise” with the team. Place icons for each member’s top gifts to see where there are strengths or gaps/needs.

Download the PDF here.
YLG Gifts Circle (online floor exercise)

Download a sample Gifts Circle with symbols here.
YLG Gifts Circle-SAMPLE with icons

Use this Mosaic to map the team’s Team Styles and Body Building Roles in a simulated “floor exercise.” Use FoxIt PDF in an online TeamBuild to illustrate where each person “stands” and easily see the team’s diversity, strengths and who needs whom.

Download the PDF here  YLG Mosaic

Birkman Map (Team Interactive)   (Click to download)

You can use this PowerPoint in EDIT mode to move symbols around on the Map. You might also choose to share  a blank Map on your Zoom screen and allow members to Annotate and place their initials where their own symbols appear. Change the color and size of TEXT by clicking on FORMAT in the Annotate bar. You can then SAVE the annotated screen.

Click here to download:  Birkman Map (Team Interactive)

Connect Team

The Connect Team focuses on two thing:

  1. Connect coaches with others in the community to deepen our experience
  2. Broaden the reach of the Grip-Birkman

For more info, contact  Matthew Blake

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Equip Team

The Equip Team is committed to:

  1. the ongoing education of our coaches and trainers
  2. the resources surrounding Grip-Birkman

This includes webinars, tools, and Coaches Training, all in support of giving you and your clients the best opportunity to build unity in the Body of Christ.

For more info, contact Larry Gay

Support Team

The Support Team’s goal is to build and manage the systems to ease your way in ordering assessments and supporting your specific needs as a coach. This includes our website and Birkman sub-account management.

For more info, contact Ken DeMaere

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