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Change Management using the Grip-Birkman

Change management is the use of tools, process, and principles to enable the people side of change.  It is the structured navigation through any project or initiative to bring people along, ultimately hitting the organizational objective behind the change.

Grip-Birkman provides such deep and rich information about teams, when this information is incorporated into the experience, the success rate of the change effort will exponentially grow.

Here is some information to get you started on your journey of combining this discipline with your knowledge of GB.

To further your knowledge, we are also offering a 3 month program which will include:

  • Project based support
  • Three 2 hour trainings
  • 1 one-on-one coaching for implementation
  • Incorporation of 3 primary Change Management methodologies
  • Tools for each step of the process
  • Integration of paradigms and GB elements throughout the Workshop

Dates:  September 22, October 27, November 17
Times:  6:30A – 8:30A PST / 9:30A – 11:30A PST

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John Blake & Jennifer Vernam

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