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Paradigm Focus: You Have a Role to Play

Paradigm Focus: You Have a Role to Play

God’s call is not for a ‘wait-and-see’ but rather a commitment to live into His unique design for us.

In today’s world, we are all being asked to shift how we do our work, how we live our lives, and how we buy our groceries.  Our community looks different, our normal worship settings look different, and for many of us, these changes leave us daily flirting with the line between our Needs being met or quickly falling into Stress behavior.  Whether it be craving more sleep, or ripping your mask off and screaming, we all experience our stress in different ways.

But, in the madness of the day, you have a role to play.  You don’t have to be a pandemic hero.  You don’t have to be a news monger, rebuking our ‘anti-this-and-that’laden world.  And you don’t have to wait for the vaccine.

Today.  Today God is gifting you a day to steward.  A day to be yourself and serve others through His design.  A day to live into community in a new and creative way.

And His reminder to you?  If you don’t play your part in the Body of Christ…?  There is a gap, a hole, a disability.  Others may be more passionate, or more talented, or faster or more thorough– but God is call you to steward the Gifts and relationships He has given you.  Break away from the lie of insignificance.  Embrace His unique desire to be with you.  He wants to shower you with joy, power, and fruit as you walk into His role for you.

So, how can we become intentional together today?  What is one action you can take to use one of your Gifts in a way to serve the Body of Christ?

Today you have a role to play that no one else can play.

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