What is GRIP-Birkman?

GRIP-Birkman is a behavioral and Spiritual Gifts assessment designed to facilitate the conversations that build unity in the Body of Christ.

The assessment will answer three primary questions:

  • Where am I strong?
  • Where am I weak?
  • Who do I need?

This in-depth tool provides new insight into how the natural behavior interacts with the supernatural empowerment of God.

It is effective for self-discovery and understanding, team fit and team effectiveness, and missional purpose, alignment, and results.

Understanding Three Distinct Categories:

  • Who we are as individuals — How I steward my powerful strengths, intrinsic weaknesses, and determine who I need around me.
  • Who we are as team — How we steward each other’s Spiritual Gifts and empower each other through meeting each other’s needs.
  • Who we are as “groups of we” — Putting together all the teams or groups within a church, ministry or organization brings greater clarity as to the whole of God’s economy for the Kingdom, and gives insights for missional direction and shared calling.


The GRIP-Birkman gives the opportunity to separate the natural behaviors (the Birkman Method®) from the supernatural or Spiritual Gifts (GRIP). The two assessments together allow us to get answers to the questions of… “What is a natural ability, and what is a Spiritual Gift?” and “Why is understanding the difference important?”  

The GRIP-Birkman helps people hone in on their primary three or four Spiritual Gifts. If God gave you Spiritual Gifts, then we should understand them in order to steward them effectively. Where has God made you powerful?  Where have you experienced God’s power?

The GRIP-Birkman aids in looking at ourselves honestly.  Through unpacking Romans 12:3, we look with sober judgement of who God truly designed us to be.  Trained GB coaches enable people to go deeper in understanding who they are naturally from birth and how they are powerfully gifted. Who am I naturally, and who has God empowered me to be supernaturally?

Many Christians have a difficult time moving beyond their own individualized priorities into meaningful community, or body life. GRIP-Birkman is a powerful tool to allow each person to step into community in their context. Where are you powerful?  How are you weak? Who do you need?


The GRIP-Birkman looks at your natural and supernatural DNA from over fifteen unique vantages, providing exhaustive depth for discovery.  We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator!  The assessment is broken down into two sections, our supernatural empowerment from the Holy Spirit and natural behaviors.  Let’s take a look at each:

The first section looks at your supernatural DNA, allowing you to get a grip on your spiritual Gifts from three unique languages.

  • Gifts Language – identifies where God has made us strong.  Each Gift is described with a definition, characteristics, and even liabilities.  Through this comprehensive approach, we can more readily identify where God has made us powerful.  Foundationally, we will ask What is your supernatural identity?
  • Team Language – evaluates how our gifts function in a team setting. With four foundational types, we will look at the characteristics, the aligned Gifts language, and the potential liabilities we may bring to the team.  Fundamentally, here we ask What value do you supernaturally bring to the team?
  • Body Building Language – reveals how our gifts equip us to grow and expand the Body of Christ.  Here, our primary question is How do you contribute to the Great Commission?

In addition, the leader is also able to identify where he or she is weak and who is needed alongside to make a stronger team.  And the assessment will address if we are most powerful upfront or alongside. These assessments create a comprehensive understanding of our supernatural DNA.

The Birkman Method® is a favorite personality and career assessment because it paints a richer picture of an individual. The Birkman Method® has a unique way of helping us to see how unmet needs or expectations contribute to stress behaviors and how finding an environment where our needs or expectations can be met will help us to be our most effective, productive, positive self. Many assessments can describe  HOW behave, but only Birkman® explains the underlying motivations for WHY we act the way we do.

Here are a few ways that Birkman® is different:

  • The only assessment that measures underlying Needs – the support you need from others and your environment to be your most effective self
  • Combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment – for a greater understanding of a person’s ideal fit within an organization
  • Examines personality and perceptions in a social context – promotes greater self-management and encourages mutual respect among team members

With over 60 years of proven validity & reliability, the Birkman Method ®has stood the test of time. The Birkman Method® assessment was first developed in 1951 by Dr. Roger Birkman, and since then millions of people around the world have enjoyed personal and professional growth from its feedback over the decades.

Uses of the GRIP-Birkman

Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of God’s design both naturally and supernaturally for you individually, your team, and your organization.   


  • Ministry or Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Leadership Development


  • Team-Building Workshops
  • Lay Mobilization
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Staff Development
  • Customer Service Development


  • Strategic Planning
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Shared Vision Creation


  • Team Building
  • Church Staff Development
  • Lay Mobilization
  • Small Group Growth
  • College/Young Adult Group
  • Board Development

Missions Organizations

  • Missionary Orientation
  • On Field Team Building
  • On-going Home Ministries Training


  • Staff Development
  • High School Guidance Counseling
  • Junior/Senior Retreat
  • Student Government
  • College Prep Day


  • Executive Coaching
  • Spiritual Development
  • Career Counseling
  • Team Development
  • On-Boarding Processes
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