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Fall Training Schedule

We have all been dramatically impacted by the pandemic.  That isn’t stopping our training opportunities;  rather, it is allowing us to adjust with the times while remaining committed to our values.  In June, we sent out a survey to all our Coaches and Trainers asking what you wanted to learn about.  In response, we have added new workshops this fall.

To see more details and to register for any of the events, visit our Events page.

Coaches Training

Having successfully run our pilots of online coaches training, we are now launching full-force into the fall.  Our goal is to offer a minimum of 6 trainings throughout the year, and to have them scheduled at least 3 months in advance.  We believe that people wanting the training should have options to meet their calendar, so continue to check the website for updates on upcoming trainings.  So, who can you invite into our community to equip the Body of Christ?

September 1-3, 8-10
Trainers: Jay Jarboe & Mark Brazle

October 13-15, 20-22
Trainers: John Blake & Grady King

November 9-13
Trainers: Larry Gay & Ken DeMaere

Signature Training

Ready to dig deeper?  Signature Certification Training is for Grip-Birkman Coaches who want to have a deeper understanding of The Birkman Method and gain direct access to all the Signature reports as a Birkman Certified Professional.  This will be a LIVE ONLINE workshop with learning exercises adapted to an interactive online format. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have unlimited access to Birkman reports and resources, including the ability to run the full suite of Birkman Signature and Birkman Insight report formats as well as comparative and group reports with your own Birkman Direct account through Grip-Birkman.

September 28-October 2
Trainers:  Larry Gay & Susan Gay

Introduction to Change Management Using the Grip-Birkman

In our survey, you indicated that learning to use Grip-Birkman in navigating change was a priority for you.  This 75 minute overview webinar will give you the foundations of Change Management and how it can apply as you understand people through the lens of the Grip-Birkman.

August 24
Trainer: John Blake

Change Management Using the Grip-Birkman (3-part Series)

In this hands-on learning experience, we will take your change initiative and equip you for a repeatable process to effectively use Grip-Birkman in your team or organization.  We will discuss the foundations of change and its impact on individuals.  Three two-hour training sessions will provide you with tools and processes to walk through change.  As an added bonus, each attendee will also have a personal coaching session for application.

Discounts are available if 2 or more come from your organization/team.

September 22, October 27, November 17
Trainer: John Blake with guests

For more details, visit www.gripbirkman.com/events

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