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Gatherings like this don’t come along everyday.  The type that put you passions and convictions at the center, and one that is focus on the “We.”  We wanted to give you a chance to see 5 reasons why this event may just be a pivotal launching for something powerful in your ministry… a catalyst for “We.”

Reason 1:  Our shared values of moving from I to We will be made practical.

As a community, we often talk about moving from I to We.  We discuss the value in knowing each other, and looking at who God created us to be.  Sometimes, however, our GRIP-Birkman events can become… well… events.  And transformation takes time and intentionality to Body Life practices.  At this event, we will share a framing that will create a way for you to effectively engage in “We” culture shift through small but practical steps.

Reason 2:  Ministry leaders from different types of ministry will be sharing from their experience.

Mission organizations, local churches, denominational leaders, consultants, training and development specialists, business leaders and those in other parachurch organizations will all be present.  How we approach the topics of I to We and our transforming our teams through Body Life will take on new meaning as we hear case studies and stories from one another.

Reason 3:  You will be heard.

This will be an intentionally intimate setting to meaningfully understand and share with each other.  Our desire is to create an environment of dialogue, of sharing, and of experience.  This will allow us to share from your experience, making a meaningful two-way dialogue that will enhance and challenge us all.

Reason 4: You can attend face-to-face training for Our Values and Discerning Direction Together.

If you are able to come in early on the 3rd of May, you can participate in either the complete GRIP+ Facilitator Training, or you can share in the PLUS Facilitator Training.  GRIP+ Facilitator Training equips any person to lead a team through GRIP+ (GRIP, Our Values, & Discerning Direction Together).  It is designed for those who have completed their GRIP+ report, and who want to use this tool to empower teams to greater understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in- and through our team.  GRIP-Birkman Coaches Training is NOT a pre-requisite of this.

PLUS Facilitator Training will cover how to effectively guide a team through the use of Our Values and Discerning Direction Together.  This unique opportunity is designed specifically for those who have been through GRIP-Birkman Coaches Training and are familiar with GRIP.  We will highlight how the PLUS fits with GRIP, and show potential roadmaps of using the PLUS assessments.

Reason 5: You have a place to effectively introduce others from your team or ministry to the power of “We”.

Often we introduce people to principles through assessments.  For some, this is extremely effective.  For others, understanding the principles would allow them to determine if they believe an assessment is valuable or needed.  Our conviction as believers and those who work toward Kingdom collaboration is NOT assessments– it is principles and Biblical truths that will build unity in the Body of Christ.  This gathering will start with the heart postures and principles needed to move forward together.  Bring those who share your passion for unity, and see what the Holy Spirit will do among us.

Here is a flyer to share with your team to introduce them to the gathering.



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