Our Values

Our Values is a team values assessment designed to understand how our unique values impact those around us. It is an opportunity to reflect where we have high alignment and conviction around certain values, and conversely where we have aversions. Values are the internal beliefs guiding our observable behaviors which either allow us to thrive in certain environments, or they have the potential of leaving us with constant tension both with our role and with those around us.

Our Values is intended to spark quality conversations of understanding, empathy, and open-handed feedback. This opportunity only exists when we together remember that values are neither good nor bad. They are simply the way that we view the world. Their unique combination and proportion is only yours, and it is built upon our life experiences, education, relationships, and beliefs.

Features of Our Values

  • 66 unique values with mini-descriptors for each
  • Team reports with 18 unique views / filters to review the results
  • Specific facilitation guides for stages of team development
  • Personalized report with reflection questions
  • Review of both High- and Low Values for your team