GRIP+ is a team based assessment to understand how the Holy Spirit empowers us together for His Kingdom purposes. It includes GRIP (spiritual gifts triangle with Gifts, Team Styles, and Body Building Roles), Our Values, and Discerning Direction Together.  Combined, these assessments provide the framing and language necessary for each team to dig deeply into God’s unique design for them.

These assessments provide 25+ pages of individual reporting, along with facilitation guides, team leader reports, and team reports.  This process of discovery, sharing, and discernment together provide the foundation for Kingdom focused team development as you move from I to We.

Features of GRIP+

  • 5 unique assessments designed to build Kingdom-focused teams
  • Individual, team, and team leader reports included
  • Facilitation guides included
  • Discussion of natural motivation (Our Values), God-given passion and direction (Discerning Direction Together), and supernatural gifting (GRIP) together in one tool