GRIP is a team based assessment to understand how the Holy Spirit empowers us together through the understanding of our spiritual gifts. It contains 3 parts:

  • Spiritual gifts – an assessment to understand our gifts, complete with definitions, characteristics, and even gift liabilities.
  • Team styles – an assessment to understand our our gifts translate into our fit in teams
  • Body building roles – an assessment to understand how our gifts translate into our part in building, expanding, and deepening the Body of Christ.

These assessments provide an understanding and framing for us to understand 3 key questions:

  1. Where am I strong?
  2. Where am I weak?
  3. Who do I need?

This is a process of discovery, sharing, and discernment together as a team.  We believe this tool is an essential piece of moving from  I to We.

Features of GRIP

  • 3 unique assessments designed to build Kingdom-focused teams
  • 360 evaluation component allowing others to speak into the process of discernment
  • Team reports included
  • Language to allow us to discuss where God is powerful in us, and where we have weaknesses