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Paradigm Focus: You Have a Role to Play

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Changes (July 15)

Continuing Improvements & Changes

We’re on a journey to make your experience as a coach stronger..  We want your coachees to feel that the process is seamless and provides the foundation needed for you to interpret and dialogue their assessment.

Our changes have included:

  • The Grip assessment is more accurate… the assessment is now a 5 point scale instead of a 3 point scale.
  • The Grip report is upgraded… it now includes some introductory framing with some of our paradigms , updated and correct pagination, and all Gift definitions, characteristics and liabilities
  • The Portal is improved… It now has the Birkman® report PDF as well as the Grip reports.  (Note:  for Birkman reports, they will be updated moving forward, or as requested for specific individuals)
  • More Birkman® reports are available… Coaches have access to a Birkman® sub-account with access to over 50 reports.  If you do not yet have a Birkman sub-account, you can request it here.

We have also had a price increase in the assessments:

  • Grip – $15 (Volume discounts are available)
  • Basic Grip-Birkman – $59
  • Signature Grip-Birkman – $99
  • Suite Access Grip-Birkman – $129

More changes will be going live over the next 2 months.

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