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August Coaches Spotlight

Meet Jeanie Werner.

Forty-something, and most of what I lived for was crumbling, and it wasn’t the first time. So I cried out to our Saviour, he said, “In me, you have everything.” Not long after, I experienced a spiritual resuscitation with Grip-Birkman. Hallelujah! The spirit of God awakened in me. I’ve been a Christian from the age of 15 and grew up in a non-Christian home. I did my best to learn what I could and do right by God. Nine years of university, twenty-plus years working in healthcare professions (which I loved), a broken but blessed upbringing, incredible family, a mommy of 3, a home and a family to love, my pride and joy. Tucked beneath and mercifully gone forever, are decades of walking in the valley of the shadow of death. There were lots of great times and incredible memories but the days spent in torment outweighed the good. Today I understand, I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM. In obedience and joy, I walk boldly in the body-life he created for me. I laugh, and then cry, he knew exactly what I needed to start my faith journey. My Jeanie, silly girl; strength comes after you start, not before and remember I will never leave or forsake you.”

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