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2021 Coaches Survey Results

Thank you for those of you who participated in our 2021 Coaches Survey.  Here’s what we learned:    

  • 38 people responded to the survey (357 invited, 11% response rate)
  • 65% of respondents ordered 6 or more reports over the past year
  • 48% use GB for individual coaching, 42% for team building
  • 87% are using GB inside their own organization, with 35% using it internal and external

Your ministries have been significantly disrupted over the past 18 months, leading to more online work and the learning of new skills to engage in new ways.  This has led to increased team development focus, and virtual facilitation.  Many of you have shifted roles or organizations in the middle of this high intensity time.

Learning and Ways you like to learn:

  • The topic of highest interest is “Understand how to re-shape organizational culture”
  • The 2nd highest is “Understand how to rollout GRIP for entire organization or church”
  • Tie for 3rd highest: “Helping teams move from I to We” and “Understand how to use Change Management in I to We transformation”
  • The way coaches would like to engage is “Short video content” followed by “Recorded webinars / trainings”
  • The type of interaction you would find most helpful is “Tools & Techniques” and “How To’ Topics”

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