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Understanding the “I” -or our Identity- Does Not Equate to Using our Gifts to Serve the Body

Have you heard this before? 

“I feel so encouraged now that I know my Spiritual Gifts.  I think it will really help my relationship with Jesus.”

Not enough.  Gifts are not for the vertical relationship with God.

“I feel like I can tell others where God made me powerful.  Sometimes it may be hard for them to hear it, but God gifted me this way.”

Not enough.  Gifts are not an entitlement to Kingdom service, to be used regardless of others’ responses to the Gifts.

Spiritual Gifts were given to build the Body of Christ.  1 Peter 4:10-11 says we are to use our Gifts to SERVE one another.  Understanding our Gifts is important, but using them in the context of relationship, and building the Body of Christ through our Gifts is truly the expression of Christian living.  

Our Spiritual Gifts invite us into relationship.  They invite us into an experience not based upon me receiving accolades or kudos.  They are not about me feeling good about what I’ve done — rather it’s about God getting the glory.  We serve the Body of Christ in the ways God has empowered us through His Holy Spirit, and this is a spiritual act of worship (see Romans 12).  

Gifts become a supernatural super connector to the Body.  We live out being a ‘foot’ or a ‘hand’ and we understand what it means to be connected (see 1 Corinthians 12).  A hand without a Body is a thing of horror movies.  It’s dead… alone.  

Our ability to understand how we were made for each other is dramatically enhanced … or brought to life… as we serve with one another, and live in unity.  Knowing that we do not possess every Gift forces us to acknowledge our own weaknesses and NEED for others.  God’s design was for us to need one another.  His design was for you to have weaknesses allowing us to rely, lean, and embrace each other.  

Why do we have Gifts?  Simply stated, the beauty of us using our Gifts in chorus– truly loving one another– is that more people will know Jesus.  John 17:20-23 makes it clear that us living in unity will let the world know that Jesus was sent from God.  How wonderfully overwhelming is that to think about?

To understand my Gifts is not enough.  My Gifts were made for relationships.  They were made to expand the Kingdom of God.  We must commit ourselves to our weaknesses, for they empower others to use their Gifts.

Gifts are not about the “I”, rather they are always about the “We”, so others can see, know and love our Savior. 

Questions to ask:  

  1. How do my Gifts serve the Body of Christ?
  2. How do my Gifts build the Body of Christ?
  3. How do others experience my Gifts?  
  4. What Gifts do I not have?  Who around me has those Gifts?  How do we serve effectively together?
  5. How do I communicate my need for them as we connect to one another to expand and grow the Body of Christ? 

Would you like an assessment to walk you through the transition from “I to We?”  Grip-Birkman is a great place to start. 

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