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2 Corinthians 12:9
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

We just concluded celebrating our Savior’s resurrection, and if you are engaged in church ministry, you are now either completely depleted from the amount of energy invested, or you are riding a spiritual high from sharing the joy of our Savior’s resurrection with so many who otherwise may have never heard.  And tired. Likely very tired. 

Caution, my friends.  This is a time of fatigue, temptation, and of weakness.  

It is – on the other hand – a time of Christ’s power.  

We know that in times of stress, we typically turn inward.  However, we are called to something different.  In moments of weakness, we are called to boast in our weakness — so that Christ’s power may rest on us.  And sometimes, that power will actually be in the form of humans; humans who have spiritual Gifts to supernaturally support us in times of need.  

Weakness in this verse is also translated feebleness.  It’s unsteady.  It’s in need of support.  Weakness can be described as lacking strength, or an area without strength.  Either way, we are vulnerable.  

My challenge to you is this:  use the weakness you feel to allow others in.  Vulnerably allow them in to support you in your fatigue.  There is an openhandedness to acknowledging that which is possibly — or likely, already seen and understood by others.  Your weakness may be a physical drain you are feeling;  perhaps it is acknowledging the mental temptations you are experiencing.  Maybe it’s a relational frustration; challenges at home in your marriage or with your kids. Maybe you’ve set aside grieving to “make it through” the Holy week. And every struggle has been highlighted by the intense season you have just completed.  

And now that you have acknowledged your weakness to yourself and those around you, how should you proceed? Allow those around you to be strong where you are not.  Allow them to see the weakness.  No– even more than the transparency, boast in the weakness.  Make it a place where the Body of Christ is highlighted due to our weakness.  This boast means to glory in something.  Think about that.  Speak it boldly, knowing the grace is there.  

Why?  Because collectively we are never weak.  Collectively, the weakness you or I feel becomes the opportunity of Holy Spirit empowerment for another. 

It is the chance for Jesus to shine through others as they lift you up through their words (using the Equipping Gifts) or through their actions (the Supporting Gifts).  It brags on the weakness to lean into Jesus, and Jesus may answer directly to you, or He may provide the Body to nourish you.  See, historically, only a few weeks from when Christ rose, He gave us His Holy Spirit — both as the Comforter, and as the empowerment of each believer to be the Body of Christ.  The comfort of Psalms 91:4 where we see “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge;” is the very comfort we receive from the Holy Spirit directly, and through those filled with the Holy Spirit.

And what is the result?  

“…so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”  The idea of resting on me is actually a covering.  It’s a “tenting” over us.  The image is powerful because in weakness we feel unprotected and exposed.  And yet, this verse presents Christ’s power as our tent.  It’s our shelter.  And the image of a tent or dwelling is used in another passage:  Ephesians 2:22… “In him you also are being built together into a dwelling for God by the Spirit.”

Did you catch that?  

The very building process we are going through enables Christ’s power to not only be a dwelling place for God, but it becomes the resting of God on us as we are weak.

Christ’s power is seen as the Body of Christ is joined together to care for those who are weak.  The intertwined fabric is the embrace of God’s power for us.  It is the welcoming of the chance to be feeble in order that God’s rest may be upon us.

If you’re looking for the counter-cultural Biblical response to weakness, try proudly exclaiming “I am weak.” You will find in the communication of the weakness there is freedom.  You will find there is a Protector who cares.  You will find there is a tent of other weak ones ready to cover you.  

The posture of weakness isn’t hopeless.  The posture of weakness is reliance on Strength.

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