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Here’s What I Think of You

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Discovery Requires the Body

Understanding our Spiritual Gifts will only fully happen when we engage the Body of Christ around us.

Gifts are understood in the context of relationships.  The impact, or better stated, the FRUIT of the Gifts gives understanding to our unique Gift mix.  Therefore, to fully understand how our Gifts function in the Body of Christ, our goal should always be to involve others in our discovery process.

To provide others with a tool to speak into our discovery process, we are pleased to launch the online version of “Here’s What I Think of You” (HWITOY).  This is an opportunity for individuals who share our Christian faith to let you know where and how they have seen God use you powerfully.

Think of it as an affirmation of the Holy Spirit in you… as experienced by those around you.  

The assessment is a simply step-by-step process where they provide the person taking the Grip with an added point of confirmation or conversation on you discovery journey.

These results can be viewed and discussed on your own, but even more powerfully when you engage your coach in the process.  The trends others see will be another ‘check’ for you as you discern how God uses you in the Body of Christ.

Below you will see two videos introducing the process:

  • How you can complete the HWITOY
  • What the person contributing will see when you send them a request to fill out the HWITOY.

If you have questions, please contact Support.

The Process

Contributor’s Experience

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