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Grip Team Report Introduction

Grip is launching Team Reports.  

Grip is a team assessment looking at how the Holy Spirit supernaturally empowers us together.  Therefore, in an effort to support Coaches as they highlight this for teams around the world, we have created a report to give credibility and validity to the team nature of the tool.

Once you have created a team, and downloaded the excel file, you will see that you have at least 4 reports.

Team Style Names – includes team members, their Primary and Secondary Team Styles, and their Need Areas.  It also includes debrief questions.
Best uses:  Simple overview to see high level where team is at and to give a quick visual to team members to understand how they fit together, including potential gaps they may have. 

Team Style Grids – includes all of the above, AND graphs of Team Styles, Team Strengths, Characteristics, and Liabilities.  These are statements created from the individual’s re-ordered ranking from the Team Style Assessments.   It also includes the Team Area of Need, along with Characteristics and Potential Team Impact statements.  Debrief questions are also included. 
Note:  these statements are intended to spark conversation and potentially reveal blindspots.  They are not definitive statements as the strength or weaknesses of different Team Styles is strongly based upon the individuals.  Use these statements as helpful statements of consideration to be prayerfully considered as a team.
Best uses:  Great for when the team wants to dig into the implications of how their Gifts function together.  Helpful to spark dialogue and to increase the depth of understanding as to the impact of the Gift mix represented in the team.

Body-Building Roles Names – includes team members, their Primary and Secondary Body-Building Roles, and their Need Areas.  It also includes debrief questions.
Best uses:  Provides visual for ministry focused teams who are looking how to build and expand the Body of Christ.  Again highlights strengths and potential gaps in the team.

Overview – includes all Spiritual Gifts, Team Styles, and Body-Building Roles for all team members.  It shows both their original scores from taking the assessment, and their re-ranked order (if they made any adjustments).
Best uses:  For coaches behind the scenes preparing to serve the team.  Could be shared, but may be too much information to take in.  

We are committed to team.  Christ is revealed when we live together in unity.  Therefore, we will continue to develop and enhance ways for you to facilitate the process of moving from I to We.  

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