You’re on a Discovery Journey.  Thanks for bringing us with you.

Read through the questions below to begin to understand more of how you fit in the Body of Christ, and how the Grip-Birkman can aide in your journey.

GRIP-Birkman is a combination of your Spiritual Gifts (supernatural DNA) and your natural behaviors (personality).  Most assessments try to simplify you in order to be able to label you.  The GRIP-Birkman will actually complexify you.  It shows how uniquely and wonderfully we are each made.  To understand more, visit our overview page.

GRIP will not just tell you about your Spiritual Gifts.  It looks at how you fit within the Body of Christ as well as how you build the Body of Christ.  It is 3 assessments in one, allowing us to take a comprehensive look at where you are strong, where you are weak, and who you need.  This assessment becomes a Body Life assessment, clearly mapping how we function most powerfully together.  For more information, click here.

Team Style is the combination of our Spiritual Gifts, showing how we fit most effectively within the Body of Christ.  This is our role of unity.  It is how we effectively connect within teams.  If everyone is called to love one another, how do we connect effectively as part of the Great Commandment?

Body Building Role is the combination of our Spiritual Gifts, showing how we build and grow the Body of Christ.  This is our missional focus.  It indicates how we all contribute through the Holy Spirit’s power to the expansion of the Body of Christ.  If everyone has a part in the Great Commission, how do you fulfill your part?

These two aspects provide language for how we can understand and use our Spiritual Gifts together.

The Grip includes 15 Spiritual Gifts.  They are broken into two categories: Equipping Gifts (power in the words) & Supporting Gifts (power in the action).

Equipping Gifts include Evangelism, Exhortation, Leadership, Pastor, Prophecy, Teaching, Word of Knowledge, and Word of Wisdom.

Supporting Gifts include Administration, Giving, Helps, Mercy, and Service.

Faith and Discernment of Spirits are also included, and do not clearly fall into one of the above categories, but are clearly seen in Scripture.

For understanding of their definitions, characteristics, and liabilities, please see the appendix of the Sample Grip Report

He did.

Natural talents or skills would be something from birth God gave to you.  (Psalms 139)

Spiritual Gifts are the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in specific ways to serve others.  (1 Peter 4:10-11)  We can often discern our Gifts as distinct from our natural talents by understanding supernatural JOY, POWER, and FRUIT.  These three words will equip us to see the difference between natural and supernatural.

They are different.

The Spiritual Gifts are how the Holy Spirit shows up in you.  Your Usual or natural behavior is how we operate on a day-to-day basis.  The Holy Spirit’s power will not be visible 100% of the time, rather Spiritual Gifts are where the Holy Spirit empowers us supernaturally.  We are called to steward our Gifts.

Their differences should not be frustrating or confusing to you.  Rather, through the GRIP-Birkman you now have language to talk about the differences and understand this concept.  We call it the “movement of the Dotted Diamond.”  Learn more about the Dotted Diamond here.

Great question.

Read through your report multiple times.  What do you wish your team understood about you?  What do you feel has potentially caused confusion or conflict with other team members?  Take this information and use first person language to begin a helpful dialogue.

“I recently have learned some new things about myself naturally and about my Spiritual Gifts.  It has helped me understand how I may communicate or act in a way that may not always be understood or helpful for our team.  Could I share a bit more of this with you?”

You can also share with your team the impact for you personally and welcome them to experience the Grip-Birkman as well.  We have some overviews created for Teams and for Organizations that you may find helpful.

Certainly we are committed to walking with you on your discovery journey.

Feel free to look through the website for more learning.

If you would like to dig in personally, the best option is to work together with a coach.

If you are ready to help others use the Grip-Birkman, our Coaches Training may be a great next step for you.  Find our upcoming events here

The GRIP-Birkman is based upon stewardship of relationships and stewardship of Spiritual Gifts.  There are so many passages throughout the Bible that discuss these ideas.  We find ourselves often referencing back to the following among others:

  • Romans 12:1-9
  • Ephesians 2:19-22
  • 1 Peter 4:10-11
  • 1 Corinthians 12
  • Ephesians 4

The GRIP-Birkman community is made up of Bible believing Christian individuals and organizations.   The denominations represented are varied, but would all align with this statement of faith.

Interested in coming alongside individuals and teams on their discovery journey?  Check out Upcoming Events where you can learn more about Becoming a GRIP-Birkman Coach.

Have Questions that aren’t answered?  We have a coach for that.  Shoot us a note or find a coach that fits your needs.

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