Thinking about going to the next level with GRIP-Birkman?

The Birkman Method Signature Certification

This event is for GRIP-Birkman Coaches who want to have a deeper understanding of The Birkman Method and, as a Birkman Certified Professional, gain direct access to all the Signature reports. Signature training is authorized by Birkman International and includes 8 hours of pre-workshop eLearning online assignments, three full days of workshop experience, and follow-up activities. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have unlimited access to Birkman reports and resources, including the ability to run Birkman Signature and Birkman Insight report formats as well as comparative and group reports with your own Birkman Direct account through GRIP-Birkman. You’ll join the network of thousands of Birkman Certified Professionals around the world and will have a deeper understanding of how the GRIP-Birkman works. You will receive in-depth training on all aspects of the Birkman Method led by Birkman Authorized Trainers. If you have been thinking about going to the next level of GB coaching this is your opportunity. This training is a requirement for any coach desiring to become a GRIP-Birkman Coach Trainer.

Benefits of Completing Birkman Signature Training:
1. Learn powerful interpretation techniques and gain thorough knowledge of the Birkman behavioral Components, the nine core scales for understanding personality.
2. Improve skills for a coaching conversation using the Signature Report.
3. Gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between Usual behaviors, underlying Needs, and Stress behaviors.
4. Become adept at using the Birkman Signature Report and additional reports for individual and team coaching in the stewardship of relationships.
5. Gain access to Individual, Comparative and Group Reports through your own Birkman Direct account.
6. Access Birkman webinars and eLearning courses to continue developing your skills for interpreting personality.
7. Learn more about the “Dotted Diamond” and how to fully integrate the Birkman and GRIP in a team setting.

Larry and Susan Gay are Birkman Master Certified Professionals and Authorized Birkman Trainers. They serve as the Training Coordinators for the GRIP-Birkman Community. Both Larry and Susan have been GRIP-Birkman trainers since 2005 and have used the tool throughout the world with individual leaders and teams. Larry’s Doctorate is in Educational Ministry with an emphasis on Strategic Leadership. After 35 years in cross-cultural leadership development, he now is an independent consultant and coach to business and ministry leaders in personnel development. Susan holds the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling. After 35 years of cross-cultural ministry, she now serves as an emotional wellness consultant to personnel selection teams.

Event Category: Birkman Signature Training (Birkman Professional Certification)

ONLINE Signature Training
5-Day Schedule (M-F)
Daily 5 hrs of Training
(Times are subject to adjustment)

Registration includes eLearning modules that must be completed before attending the workshop. Each participant must also complete a final exam and two Birkman conversations within one month after the workshop to receive certification from Birkman International as a Birkman Certified Professional. 

Cost: $2,950 per person

For more information, contact:
Larry Gay
Phone: +1-205-253-8420

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