The Base Level:  Two Unique Aspects

The Base Level Report gives you a unique understanding into your natural and supernatural design, providing you an opportunity for greatest clarity of where you are strong, where you are weak, and who you need alongside of you in life and ministry.

Your Supernatural Wiring
  • Spiritual Gifts – How did God uniquely empower you?
  • Team Styles – How do your Gifts function in a team setting?
  • Body Building Roles – How do your Gifts function missionally?

Sample Results from Your Leadership Grip

Your Natural Behavior
  • Areas of Interest – What do you enjoy doing?
  • Usual Behavior – How do you normally operate?
  • Underlying Needs – What do you need to be at your best?
  • Stress Behavior – When your needs aren’t met, what do others see?
  • Organizational Support Function – What is your greatest contribution to an organization?
  • Problem Solving Styles – How do you gather and use information in solving problems?

Sample Results from Base Level

The Component Level:  Added Depth

In addition to all of the Basic Level components, you will also receive reports based upon eleven components of Usual Behavior, Underlying Needs, and Stress Behavior. This is an in-dept look at your very core!

Component Report Set
  • Coaching Page – 1 pg report to assist a person coaching or supervising you
  • Profile Summary – 1 pg report to overview all key pieces of the report visually
  • Needs at a Glace – 2 pg report to simplify the Underlying Needs and provide a dictionary of definitions of the component areas
  • Needs Graph – 3 pg report to graphically and numerically show each component’s Usual, Need, and Stress behavior
  •  Strengths and Needs Pages – 13 pg report to narratively describe each of the 11 components Usual Need, and Stress behavior
  • Strengths and Needs Graph Pages – 12 pg report, same as Strength and Needs Pages, but include graphical images for greater visual understanding
  • Guide Pages – 5 pg report to address specific situational topics including Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Conscienctiousness, Agreeableness, and Restlessness
  • Stress Pages – 9 pg report to provide practical tips for avoiding stress
  • Managerial and Organizational Style – 3 pg report providing insights to your unique managerial style

Sample Results from Component Level

The Career Guide/Job Listing Pages

This is an optional tool which can be added to the Base Level Report at no additional cost.  It compares your interests and usual styles to a career’s database, providing insights how to best understand and prepare for your strongest job opportunities of success.

Career Guide
  • Organizational Focus – understanding your best work environment
  • Job Families / Job Titles – jobs which offer the greatest potential for success
  • Career Summary – list of strengths that you bring to work

Sample Results from Career Guide

FAQ Regarding the Sample Results

How can I interpret the results?

For gaining the most possible insight from your report, it is strongly recommended that you process your information with a trained Grip-Birkman Coach or Trainer.  For more information on finding the best person for your specific needs, please contact Dr. Hal Burke.

Is there additional training available for churches, schools, or businesses?

Definitely! Our trained coaches and trainers provide training sessions which are custom formed to your specific needs.  Through in-depth discussion, we will create a custom event specially taylored to your needs.  Some potential ideas include:  team building, staff development, career planning, and executive team coaching.  The Trainers are skilled professionals excited to meet the specific needs of your church, business, organizations, or school!

Who is the GB Coaches Training for?
  • Leaders of teams, churches (including pastors), and other organizations who want to understand how this tool can build cohesiveness in their teams.
  • Mentors and life coaches who want to use the Grip-Birkman in individual coaching and mentoring.
  • Church leaders who want to use the Grip-Birkman to help church members grow in self-awareness for excellent fit for maximum kingdom impact.
  • Leaders of small groups who want to help their members grow through a deeper understanding of spiritual gifts and other facets of their uniqueness.
  • Leaders in churches who can provide individual coaching and counseling for people.
  • Regional denominational leaders who want to use the Grip-Birkman to help grow people in their regions and help churches grow healthier.
  • Directors of non-profits who are looking for an effective tool to build staff cohesion.
  • Church planter assessors.
  • Teachers, administrators, or guidance counselors who desire to equip and assist students in furthering their life training.
  • Spiritual Formation for first year seminary students.