The Grip-Birkman Leadership team is comprised of volunteers from around the globe who are committed to supporting Christian leaders in discovering God’s unique design for them in the context of the Body of Christ.  Whether for understanding your report, or for discussing how the Grip-Birkman can be powerful implemented in your ministry, our team is committed to your success.

Our Vision

Connecting and expanding the Grip-Birkman community.

Our Team Members

John Blake - Leadership Team Coordinator

Jayme &

John has been a part of the Grip-Birkman community since 2007.  He serves as Team Coordinator, connecting team members with their best-fit roles to support Coaches and Trainers. He has a Master’s of Adult Education in Human Resource & Organizational Development from the University of Georgia.  He is married to Jayme, and they have a young daughter.  Currently they live in Vancouver, Washington.

Favorite Grip-Birkman Moment – “Taking 35 college athletes and coaches through a teambuild, giving the coaches new perspectives on unity and best coaching opportunities.  It was a unique challenge, and yet the impact of the assessment was visible to all engaged.”

Jay Jarboe - Community Communications

Larry Gay - Training Coordinator

Larry serves as a personal and team leadership consultant and coach in the USA and cross-cultural settings. He has worked with cross-cultural teams since 1977. Larry has been a GB trainer since 2005 and serves as a co-trainer of GB trainers as they complete Level 1 Birkman certification, helping new trainers gain a better understanding of both the Birkman and Leadership Grip instruments.  Larry has the Doctor of Educational Ministry degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a focus on strategic planning and leadership. He is married to Susan and has three grown sons, one daughter by marriage, and three grandchildren. He and Susan now live in Montgomery, AL.

Favorite Grip-Birkman Moment – “Leading a multi-cultural team through the GB in a week-long setting combined with an equine learning experience on a working ranch. Seeing the team come together to make practical applications of the lessons in team-building and communication to accomplish a common task with the horses made this a unique and unforgettable experience.”

Susan Gay - Training Coordinator

Susan serves as consultant, counselor and coach for non-profit organizations working with expatriate teams in cross-cultural settings. She has over 34 years of experience in cross-cultural work. Susan has been a GB trainer since 2005 and serves as a co-trainer of GB trainers as they complete Level 1 certification to become Birkman certified consultants. She has the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She has three adult sons, one daughter by marriage and three grandchildren. She currently lives in Montgomery, AL with her husband, Larry.

Favorite Grip-Birkman Moment – “Working with a cross-cultural team, it became evident how one team member’s strength had been totally misunderstood by the rest of the team until a GB exercise revealed that he had this strength that no one else on the team had. It was amazing to see how the team dynamics changed when they realized how much they needed him and how much he needed them to understand him.” 

Ken DeMaere - Support Coordinator

Greg Langman - Team Strategist

Greg has a BA in Theology and his Masters in Leadership and Management along with over 22 years of pastoral ministry experience.  He is married with 3 children.

Why he uses the Grip-Birkman?  ” I never get tired of those moments in the coaching session when the Spirit of God exposes a powerful truth that sets the person free to embrace the beauty of who they are and what they are called to do.”

Steve Potter - Finances and Administration

Paul Ford - Founder