I Just Completed My Assessment

Congratulations!  You are well on your way to building unity in the Body of Christ through understanding your unique fit.  Let’s take a quick look at what you have received:

  1. Your Leadership Grip Summary Report.  Your report is approximately 11 pages, and can be accessed from the online portal (leadershipgrip.com), and a summary page comes with the Birkman Report.  The Grip looks at your supernatural DNA, or how the Holy Spirit empowers you, using three different assessment results for Spiritual Gifts, Team Styles, and Body Building Roles.  Taken as a whole, the Grip-Birkman answers the questions, “Where are you strong? Where are you weak? Who do you need?”.  Understanding and using your Spiritual Gifts to build the Body of Christ is a prayerful discernment process that is best accomplished in the context of relationships.  Your Leadership Grip Summary Report is a starting point for that process and is best facilitated by your coach.
  2. Birkman Report.  Your report is either approximately 40 pages for the Base Level or 72 pages for the Component Level report.  Don’t get overwhelmed… (easier said than done, I know!)  The Birkman portion of your Grip-Birkman report looks at your natural behaviors based on the assessment of four aspects of your natural DNA:  Your Usual Style, your Underlying Needs, your Stress behaviors, and your Interests.  Each is thoroughly unpacked by the Birkman Method, a scientifically validated behavioral assessment.  Understanding your relationships in ministry is a prayerful discernment process.  Your Birkman Report is a starting point for that process and best facilitated by your coach.

So, what’s next?

  • How can I understand these reports?  Don’t worry– we’re here to help!  Connect with your Grip-Birkman Coach.  You coach will walk you through a complete understanding of how the pieces are uniquely connected, ultimately discussing how this information can be helpful in understanding how you can play your God-designed role in building unity in the Body of Christ.
    If you don’t have a coach, and would like to connect with someone to walk through your assessment, click here. 
  • How are these pieces connected?  The Dotted Diamond.  The Dotted Diamond is a concept which directly connects the Birkman report to the Your Leadership Grip report.  It highlights how our Spiritual Gifting supernaturally empowers our usual behavior.  Click here to discover more about the Dotted Diamond.


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