The Grip-Birkman is a behavioral and spiritual Gifts assessment looking at three primary questions:  Where am I strong?  Where am I weak? and Who do I need?  This in-depth tool provides new insight into how the natural behavior interacts with the supernatural empowerment of God.  The focus of this assessment is how one can powerfully play their God-designed role in the Body of Christ most effectively.

Grip-Birkman Uniquenesses:

The “Pull-apart” Process – the GB gives the opportunity to separate the natural behaviors (the Birkman Method®) from the supernatural or Spiritual Gifts (Your Leadership Grip).  What is a natural ability, and what is a Spiritual Gift?  Why is understanding the difference important?  

The Power Language – the GB helps people  hone in on their primary three or four Spiritual Gifts. Where has God made you powerful?  Where have you experienced God’s power?

The Sober Estimation – the GB aids in unpacking Romans 12:3 where we are called to sober judgement of who God truly designed us to be.  Trained GB coaches enable people to go deeper in understanding who they are naturally from birth and how they are powerfully gifted.  Who am I naturally, and who has God empowered me to be supernaturally?

The “I to We” Paradigm Shift Process – Many Christians have a difficult time moving beyond their own individualized priorities into meaningful community, or body life.    Where are you powerful?  How are you weak?  Who do you need?

Stewardship in Three Distinct Categories:

  • Stewardship of who I am as leader — powerful strengths, intrinsic weaknesses, and who I need around me
  • Stewardship of who we are as team — same three areas above shared, understood, and worked into body life, or team, application
  • Stewardship of who we are as “groups of we” — putting together all the teams or groups within a  church, ministry, or organization brings greater clarity as to the whole of God’s economy for the Kingdom